Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.
PO Box 63
Wimauma, FL 33598

Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.
13910 Seminole Trail
Wimauma, FL 33598

Driving directions to Seminole Trail (Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary)
  1. Head south on I-75 S toward Exit 240B 0.6 mi
  2. Take exit 240A for FL-674 E toward Sun City Center 0.3 mi
  3. Merge onto College Ave 0.6 mi
  4. Continue onto Sun City Center Blvd 2.5 mi
  5. Turn right at FL-43 S/US-301 S 4.3 mi
  6. Turn left at River Rd 0.4 mi
  7. Take the 2nd right onto Seminole Trail 1.3 mi
  8. Turn Left into Elmira's
*Note: Elmira's is located on a private road. Please be respectful of our Neighbors. Do NOT exceed the 25 mph speed limit. Go slower if the road is wet or rutted. Watch out for pedestrians, pets and other vehicles.

If your GPS tells you to go down Surona Road, DON'T DO IT! Use River Road instead (1 mile north of Surona Road).

Mission Statement

Elmira's provides continuing care and enrichment for exotic and wild animals in need of a forever home.