Welcome to Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome to Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary! Home of Stanley the grizzly bear, Cort and Lexi Tiger, Tiki Lemur and many more.

Elmira’s is a true sanctuary. We do not breed, buy, sell or allow public contact with the animals. Our purpose is to provide a forever home for all of our residents.

Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit corporation supported solely by members and private contributions. There are no paid employees, we're staffed entirely by volunteers. Our mission is providing loving care, life management and enrichment to exotic and wild animals in need of a home. We also provide educational opportunities which increase community awareness of these animals needs.

To come visit our animals and learn more about the sanctuary,
join us for one of our tours! Tours often sell out, so advanced purchase
is recommended.

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Thank you all for your support

Mission Statement

Elmira's provides continuing care and enrichment for exotic and wild animals in need of a forever home.